She was slim and fit and beautiful and unhappy until we came along.

Then she was mother.

We were the greatest blessing she would never ever have dreamed of.

Mother took us walking, Mother took us to the harbour to look at the enormous seagulls diving and soaring.

She was simple like the sound of a plane hitting air again and again making that hum.

We smelt like overripe bananas, we lay in the shape of a cauliflower on our damp blankets, with huge eyes, smiling like we were trying to hypnotize anyone who looked at us. Like we were trying to make you forget everything and everyone and make you want nothing but our safety and happiness for all eternity, at all costs, even if it would mean the extinction of koalas and thousands of species of plants no one has ever heard of, even if it would mean having to give up all your dreams and hygiene routines, even if it would mean turning your back on your whole circle of close friends and acquaintances in order to keep us safe. Always protect the people you love.

We were absolutely adorable. It would be impossible to call us anything but adorable.

But who am I kidding, we were babies, it’s ridiculous to think that we were capable of planning any kind of take over of the world no matter how adorable we were.

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