to taler engelsk

i det andet hjørne af det bagerste lokale i kaffebaren
en kommer fra Tyskland, den anden, så vidt jeg forstår, Polen
de taler om at være vegetar
I’m a vegetarian
that’s cool, does it bother you very much when people eat meat?
no, I mean, it’s their own choice, I choose not  too, but it’s their own choice
exactly that is my choice, not eating meat is your choice and I respect that but eating meat is my choice too
yes I dont like people who tell people what to do
en samtale de lærer hinanden at kende i
noget diplomatisk over dem også
en tynd mand sætter sig ved siden af de to
han taler ivrigt, en gangagtig amerikansk accent
the texture of a magazine
you know, I love it
Richard Mosse!
you don’t stumble across something like this on your phone
somehow it seems more creepy to collect cigarettes than noses
I know I know
Richard Mosse
that is the best thing I’ve seen in Denmark so far
all the screens
were there any real warscenes or were they all fake?
I think eveything was authentic
I thought it was the training
it was
it was like, the colours, candy
I mean it was beautiful
violent candy
I love that kind of thing
it was like beautiful and horrible
especially in a place like denmark
such a stable place
I remember the shootings in copenhagen in february
It was my birthday friends were visiting (siger kvinden fra måske Polen)
200 metres from the crimescene
then cops everywhere for a while
that’s weird there seems never to be police here, even the cars are kinda cute (den tynde mand fra USA)
then there was the shooting in Fields
did you get the feeling, that denmark sort of just happened and then disappeared
(eller sagde han the shooting in denmark ?)
it was my birthday
it was your birthday? wow
I dont want dead bodies on my birthday, right
but I’m fine, alive and fine
exactly alive and fine
the right side
the right wing
thats it thats it
very similar
thinking inside ones country
russia, china, america
very similar
I find europeans are very global
not that kind of patriotic ‘where is your american flag’ kind of thing
thats why it’s so refreshing for me to come to europe
do you feel that way? do you feel very global?

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